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Rising Star Trei Edwvrd releases ‘Translucent’

No Days Off

Fresh off his sophomore album release, Trei Edwvrd wasted no time with his most recent release ‘Translucent’ featuring ItstherealKO, already making noise.

Edwvrd’s sophomore album ‘Heartless Desires’ features 12 hard hitting tracks including the hit single ‘Heartless Desires’ featuring childhood best friend and frequent collaborator ItstherealKO. When asked about his approach with his sophomore album Edwvrd stated that “I really just wanted to make something different than what’s currently out. Everyone loves to get hype including myself but there’s some shit we all face behind closed doors that we struggle with. My whole mindset going into the creation of this album was to be as vulnerable as possible. No matter how dark the subject was I wanted to leave it all on the song because I hope that when others see how vulnerable I am, how real I am, more people will be more comfortable opening up and seeking help about whatever they’re going through.”

Living up to the Hype

Trei Edwvrd lived up to his quote with tracks like ‘Used To’ and ‘Mood Swings’. Heartless Desires received high praise and continues to be a successful project for Edwvrd. Edwvrd has publicly stated a desire to mesh genres in the future. “If I’m being honest my next project will either be a Hip-Hop, R&B blend or just a straight up R&B. I’ve been receiving a lot of praise on my vocals as well as requests to sing more in the future so I’m definitely going to experiment more and make the best music that I can.”

Updates On Trei Edwvrd

July 1st Edwvrd took to his Instagram to announce a plan to release new music every month. He also announced that a collaboration project with ItstherealKO is on the way. Edwvrd has accomplished a lot in his short independent career and proves to be a star in the making. Keep up with updates on Trei Edwvrd by following him on Instagram here. Stream Trei Edwvrd’s current catalog below:

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Tyler Lavigne
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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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