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Rico Shaw


Unveiling the Rise of a Hip Hop Star: Rico Shaw

Rising From Humble Beginnings: The Journey of Rico Shaw

Our focus today is on an extraordinary talent emerging from the heart of the Delta, Belzoni, Mississippi – Rico Shaw. Originally from Mississippi and raised in Minnesota, this versatile, independent artist has been making waves in the hip-hop industry with his un-ordinary, free-spirited lyrical style.

Breaking Barriers and Creating Connections

Rico Shaw, the man who once ate cereal from a cup with water, is now a father, social media marketer, artist, fashion designer, model, and so much more. His music is a direct product of the culture of hip-hop, driven by his life experiences and authentic free spirit.

His most intimate project yet, the album “OTR: Overstand The Roster,” was released on July 22, 2023. Each of the twelve unique songs was recorded in one of the top Midwest studios in Sioux Falls, SD, with engineer YNP Beezy, featuring no guest appearances. A highly anticipated Spotify link to the album is now live.

A memorable moment in his journey was his encounter with Rich The Kid, which nearly resulted in him being finessed in the studio. Despite the challenges, he remains committed to his path, shaping his music with raw authenticity and a profound message: to keep faith strong and read the book of Revelations from the Bible.

Rico’s growth as an artist can also be traced back to his collaborations with producer GaryGucci, who started creating beats inspired by Rico’s music. Follow his unique journey and check out his insights on Instagram.

Rico Shaw’s Vision: Leaving a Positive Impact

Despite the success he has achieved, Rico remains grounded. A significant challenge he faced was realizing that he couldn’t help everyone. To cope, he imagined himself back before the fame, understanding that people often aim for personal benefits. This realization has allowed him to prioritize his well-being and creativity first.

The role of music in Rico’s life has evolved over time, serving as a medium for him to express his emotions freely. It keeps him motivated in the competitive music industry, and he firmly believes that his life was pre-written to excel and leave a positive impact on the world.

As he moves forward, Rico plans to start a record label and continue making music that resonates with people worldwide. Apart from his flourishing music career, he is a proud father of three – a 4-year-old son and two 1-year-old twins.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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