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Rick Ross Plans to Drop TV Show


Rick Ross Plans to Drop TV Show

Rick Ross is internationally known for his taste in expensive luxury items. He always has on a pricey outfit accompanied by high-end jewelry whenever you see him out. In addition, he is constantly showing off his 235-acre estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. He has many animals on the estate, which he claims is turning into a tourist attraction. It is also rumored that Ross has upwards of over 100 cars.

Rick Ross Is Not Only a Rapper

Many may not know that most Rick Ross’s wealth doesn’t stem from his wildly successful rap career. He is an exquisite businessman as well. Maybe more so than he is a rapper. Rick is rumored to be a part of over a dozen business ventures. He has his hands in multiple food franchises, including Rap Snacks, Checkers and Rally, and WingStop. If you have heard of Rick Ross, odds are you have heard of WingStop. He is constantly promoting it, considering he owns over 25 locations nationwide. In addition, Rick is a partner in Luc Belaire and Bumbu Spirit Brands.

It is safe to say that Rick Ross has a wealth of business knowledge. He is a big proponent of ownership and believes others should own their assets. He has gone on record in many interviews talking about business. Still, he’s never indeed opened up his strategies until Now.

Recently, Rick Ross took to Instagram Live to tell fans about his newest business venture. Rick Ross is shooting a new television show based on luxury and business. He hints that people will be able to get a backstage pass to look into his life, mainly his companies in the show. He intends to show people what is possible in this life. In Carol City, Florida, Rick certainly didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everything he now has today is all self-made. Rick Ross hopes to inspire others with his new show and open people’s eyes to what is possible.

While the show’s details haven’t been released, Rick Ross is already stirring up significant attention. Everything he touches turns to gold so that this show will provide massive value to its viewers.

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