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Rick Ross Haircuts


Rick Ross Gives Haircuts As Part Of Back-To-School Event

Rick Ross Attempts To Give Haircuts To Kids At His Event

Rick Ross can now add his barber skills to his resume along with all the other skills he has. On August 14th (Saturday), Ross put together a back-to-school event in Miami Gardens at the Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Center. He decided to try something new and gave one of the kids a haircut.

Ross’s Generosity Toward Others

Along with joining the other barbers at the event, the MMG founder gave away over 300 backpacks, food and free sneakers to help all the attendees go into the new school year prepared.

In the midst of cutting the kid’s hair, Rick Ross joked to one of the barbers saying, “You gon’ have to get him back right now.” Realizing that he might have ruined someone’s hair, he says, “You gon’ have to save him!”

In a post that was shared in Ross’s Instagram, you can see the lucky (or unlucky) kid’s reaction to the rapper shaving his head. He did not seem too thrilled with what was going on. Rozay captioned the post, “Great Day at Boss Barbershop. Back to School Give Away @footlockermiami @cityofmiamigardens. Always find time to give back.”

Check out the video Rick Ross posted to his Instagram of him giving out haircuts to the kids below:

Rick Ross Loves to Share His Wealth

The event was hosted with Foot Locker Miami and The Vice Mayor of Miami Gardens, Reggie Leon.

This was not the first time that Ross displayed his selflessness among the community. Since 2006, he has hosted an annual toy drive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida around Christmas.

Although he loves sharing his wealth, Rick Ross isn’t always happy about spending a lot of money. After having to charter a private jet in June to travel home from an event he performed at, the rapper went on Instagram to let out his disappointment.

You can hear him saying in a clip, “I’m backstage at the Juneteenth celebration and just found out all the commercial flights being canceled because of people quitting, and now I’m being forced to charter a private jet. Man, that’s $50,000 I could’ve spent on my garden or buying some buffaloes. Come on, Delta.”

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Jeremiah Nazir
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Jeremiah Nazir is a New Jersey-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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