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Ray J Calls Out Kim and Kanye

Kanye West

Ray J Calls Out Kim and Kanye

Kanye West’s brave efforts to recover Kim Kardashian’s notorious sexual tape and then return it to his ex-wife were broadcasted for the world to see. The third episode of the Hulu show, The Kardashians aired on the 28th of April. However, Ray J, Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and co-star of the sex tape, claims that the show doesn’t accurately reflect reality. Ray J Calls Out Kayne and Kim on how the show portrayed everything.

A video of the show that is being shared online is circulating online. In October, Kanye personally handed over a suitcase with a laptop and hard drive to Kim in New York. Kanye stated that he had just returned from a red-eye flight to Los Angeles, where he received his suitcase with Ray J at the airport the night prior.

The hard drive was believed to contain an alleged sex tape from the 2007 Kim Kardashian era. Which included the allegedly unreleased film footage of Ray’s personal manager Wack 100 said that it was “more graphic and better than the first one.”

After watching the video herself, Kim claimed that the hard drive had none of the sexual content during the episode. “It was just footage of us at a restaurant, at a nightclub,” Kim said. “Nothing sexual, nothing weird.”

Ray J Calls Out Kim

Based on Ray J, though, nothing shown in the show does justice to the actual story. The 41-year-old TV personality and rapper was on Instagram this week to dispute Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s account of the sex tape. Ray J calls out Kanye and the ex-wife.

“All of this is a lie, smh.”. The rapper posted in an Instagram post discovered in the video by TheShadeRoom in reaction to the viral clip. “Can’t let them do this anymore – so untrue.” The rapper didn’t give any further comments.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sexual tape made it back to the front pages in September. Following the revelation that Wack 100 claimed to be having a second “more graphic” version and offered to present the tape to Kanye West in exchange for a “personal, private NFT.”

Ray J was less than happy by his manager’s reminiscing about his previous experiences. However. “This ain’t cool,” Ray J posted on his Instagram on the day of the incident. “I kept my distance from the Raydar and just stayed focused and humble and grateful for the blessings I’m getting.”

The “Sexy Can I” singer was equally irritated as Kanye West. Ray J revived the subject in January by speaking to Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee about his long-running quest to recover his ex-wife’s sexual tape. He calls out Kim for the new episode that aired on April 28th.

Ray J tweeted “This needs to stop. I also have kids.”

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