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Ralan Styles


Ralan Styles Is A True Talent

In the new age of social media, many artists are looking to go viral online with their music in order to get the word out about their catalogs. Though this may sound easy, getting millions of views on a video is not just pure luck. Getting those types of numbers requires talent, connection to your audience, and impressive visuals. New artist Ralan Styles has started to lay out the blueprints for this type of marketing strategy. Combining his ability to navigate social media, his young age connecting with his fans, and his ability to create catchy songs he is able to make hits not only viral in the music community, but also viral online. 

New Single:

Finally, he released his song “Baby Shark” and used the popular social media platform TikTok to promote it. In just three weeks since it was released, the song hit over 10 million views and continues to skyrocket everyday. Fans were drawn to Ralan Styles’s page as he showed visuals matching the vibe of his music. He shows snippets of songs that can easily be reused by other creators in videos, and his impressive catalog of multiple songs worthy of millions of listens. If you have one artist to look out for in the upcoming year, make sure it is Ralan Styles. 

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