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Project Haze


Project Haze: The Indie Alternative Rock Sensation

San Francisco’s own indie alternative rock band, Project Haze, has been making waves in the independent music scene. Led by Gabe Silva, known professionally as Project Haze, this band is a fusion of acoustic and electronic music, setting them apart in today’s music landscape.

The Unique Sound of Project Haze

Project Haze is not your typical rock band. Combining the raw energy of guitars with the modern twist of electronic synths and drum machines, they create a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. Influenced by iconic bands like The 1975, Coldplay, Tame Impala, and Green Day, Project Haze has carved out a niche in the alternative rock and indie pop genres.

This San Francisco-based band has been working tirelessly as independent artists, showcasing their versatility and dedication to their craft. Their collaboration process is organic, often teaming up with fellow artists and producers through local shows or mutual connections, resulting in innovative singles that resonate with a broad audience.

Inspiring Through Music

For Project Haze, music is more than just sound; it’s about inspiring and uniting people. They aim to evoke feelings of inspiration and connection in their listeners, a goal clearly reflected in their thoughtful lyrics and emotive melodies. Drawing on personal experiences, their songs are a mirror to the soul, offering glimpses into the band’s journey and evolution.

The band’s recent ventures include a pop punk single, further showcasing their ability to adapt and evolve their sound. With plans to release a visualizer on YouTube and an EP in the works, Project Haze is a band on the rise, constantly seeking new ways to connect with their audience.

Staying Grounded and Ambitious

In a competitive industry, Project Haze stays motivated by exploring various genres, constantly seeking inspiration outside their comfort zone. Their future goals are ambitious yet grounded, focusing on selling more merchandise, performing extensively in 2024, and kickstarting their EP.

Project Haze invites their audience to experience a blend of freedom and nostalgia through their music. By integrating elements from 90s and 2000s bands with contemporary sounds, they create a unique auditory experience that transcends time.

Experience Project Haze

To dive into the world of Project Haze, check out their Spotify and follow their journey on Instagram. Join them as they redefine the boundaries of indie alternative rock, one song at a time.

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