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Post Malone Announces He is Having a Baby


Post Malone Announces He is Having a Baby

Picture via E! News
Picture via E! News

Rapper Post Malone is getting more domestic. Post Malone announces he is having a baby.

Malone 26, who was born in 1996, has said he is having his very first baby with his girlfriend. He hasn’t officially publicly announced his girlfriend for privacy reasons.

Post Malone is extremely excited for the next chapter of his life. Malone battled many years of being sad and upset. Finding out this news, he has never been happier. His goal is to start spreading as much love as possible and take care of his body. Malone wants to make a lasting impact on his family and friends. 

Post Malone Announces New Baby At Southern California Party

Firstly, the news broke on Tuesday by TMZ. He and his girlfriend celebrated with a private party over the weekend. The party took place in Southern California over the weekend.

Social media went nuts when finding out the information. Everyone was fast to congratulate the couple. One fan wrote “Post Malone? More like Pops Malone!” This is the latest news from Post Malone’s corner which has been an eventful year. 

Malone over the years has racked up 10 billboard awards. He was the main story of a recent Billboard magazine cover story. The write-up was about how he has recently rediscovered his creative spark by becoming a resident of Utah. Malone’s new LP “Twelve Caret Toothache” is due on June 3rd. 

Malone came out and expressed how the Utah living fit his lifestyle better. Because he lives on a seven-acre mountainside sanctuary and it has given him more perspective on life. 

Post Malone spoke out on his property, “A ranch and solar panels, or a hydro-powered living situation,” he told Billboard. “Kicking it, nothing to do … I’ve made music for years and years.”

Finally, Malone wants to just relax now and enjoy all the simple things in life. He wants to have no responsibilities and wants be live like a kid again. Post Malone is set to have his first kid and he couldn’t be happier about it.

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