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BEAUnz: Portland’s RnB and HipHop Sensation

Portland, Oregon, is a city renowned for its vibrant music scene, and one artist making significant waves is BEAUnz. As an independent Portland RnB and HipHop artist, BEAUnz is captivating audiences with his soulful sound and authentic storytelling.

BEAUnz: The Portland RnB and HipHop Artist You Need to Know

Born Beau Kennedy, BEAUnz is not just an artist; he’s an entrepreneur and songwriter who connects deeply with his audience. His music is a reflection of his life experiences, blending vulnerability with confidence, and bringing a refreshing soulfulness to the RnB and HipHop genres. His work resonates with fans by mirroring the highs and lows of his own journey.

Influences and Unique Style

The influences that shape BEAUnz’s music are diverse. From networking skills and personal relationships to living life to its fullest, each element adds depth to his sound. Describing his musical style, BEAUnz believes it’s best experienced rather than explained. However, if pressed, he describes it as hot, new, fun, and undeniably refreshing—qualities that set him apart as a standout Portland RnB and HipHop artist.

Collaborations and Memorable Moments

Collaboration is a cornerstone of BEAUnz’s career. He works with a variety of producers, including Kobe Beats, Papa T Got Beats, L.B The Pound, and AsideOne. His process involves both in-person connections and utilizing social media to find new opportunities. One of his proudest moments came when his music inspired people of all ages to pursue their passions, even leading him to travel out of state for the first time.

BEAUnz is currently working on an EP titled “BEAU vol. one” and continues to drop singles while developing projects with each producer. His latest singles, “10 Strokes of Love ft Swegó,” “For the Stars,” and “Be Your BEAU,” are already gaining attention.

Overcoming Challenges and Future Plans

The journey of being an independent Portland RnB and HipHop artist is fraught with challenges, from mastering the business side of music to building a consistent brand. BEAUnz has overcome these hurdles with discipline and determination, continuously evolving his lyrics and lifestyle alongside his experiences.

Looking ahead, BEAUnz is set to work with industry professionals, expand his catalog, and join the 2024 Daze Summit tour, led by Scott Morris and Nathaniel The Great. Additionally, he plans to collaborate with Mouyegang Inc. to maintain his growth trajectory.

Connect with BEAUnz

Stay updated with BEAUnz’s latest releases and projects on Spotify and follow his journey on Instagram.

Oregon, especially Rose City, should be proud—BEAUnz is here to make his mark on the Portland RnB and HipHop scene, and his rise is just beginning.

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