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NYPD Pressured Prodigy To Frame 50 Cent, Says Tony Yayo

The Tony Yayo & 50 Cent Set-Up That Never Happened

In the early 2000s, in New York City, the hip-hop era was a wild ride. Vlad TV recently interviewed Tony Yayo, he recounted the time when Prodigy of Mobb Deep, caught a gun charge in New York, while he was signed to G-Unit. The NYPD attempted to take advantage of the situation by pressuring Prodigy to frame 50 Cent. “They wanted him to plant the gun on 50,” Said Tony Yayo.

Tony Yayo’s interview then cuts to a throwback interview where Prodigy special guest from VladTV. Prodigy said that the police were applying pressure to make him confess to who had possession of the gun that was found in the vehicle. Prodigy said that they were forcing him to “get something on 50,” So that he could walk away from the gun charge.

NYPD Big Fan of 50 Cent Despite Bad Cops

Yayo said that the police had additional outstanding issues with 50 Cent more than just 50 Cent being a celebrity in and around New York City. They also had to deal with 50 Cent’s career and its “association” with violence during that era

Tony Yayo said, “There’s a lot of cops that are fans.” He also said, “They’ll run down, ‘Yo, I was gonna give you a ticket but I knew it was your car.’ It be stuff like that in New York because we legends out there and we appreciate everybody. But you know, there were some bad cops. They wanted to, you know, set a mothafucka up.”

See the full interview with Tony Yayo on Vlad TV’s Youtube channel below:

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