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Nicki Minaj Shoves Fan During Chaotic Meet And Greet In London

Rapper Nicki Minaj was accused of shoving a fan after a canceled meet and greet in London on July 11th.

Nicki Minaj had arranged a meet and greet with fans at a venue in Camden, London. But the event got out of control after thousands of fans showed up.

When Minaj appeared hours later than originally scheduled, she was mobbed by the crowd. Minaj had to be escorted back into her SUV before speeding away.

Nicki Minaj Rushing Away From Fans:

A video surfaced on social media from the chaotic scene showing Nicki Minaj pushing a fan attempting to make her through the crowd to the venue on foot. TikTok user @theyluviish ignored Minaj’s plea to “back up” and went in for a hug only to get a hard shove in the back from the rapper.

“Nicki Minaj literally pushed me omg” the fan captioned the post. “My fave literally touched me” 

Despite Nicki Minaj pleading with fans to form an orderly queue outside the venue, Minaj’s meet and greet was ultimately canceled. Camden Police issued a statement announcing the event managers shut it down due to safety concerns.

“My babies I love you all so much,” Nicki wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to the officers for helping us so much today.”

Minaj also posted a video of her vehicle being chased by screaming fans as it sped away from the venue.

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