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Henny Hermes


New Single from Henny Hermes “Lost Me” is Blowing Up

A New Henny Hermes song is available for the entire world to experience. Hint Hint: Its a banger!

Getting To Know Henny Hermes: More Than Music

In the return of North Conway, New Hampshire bred artist, Henny Hermes has staged his emergence into the limelight with his new single “Lost Me”. This new hit covers his experience and emotions of getting over a breakup and what that was like. 

Henny comes from a strong bred family of music. To Henny, music is a form of therapy that helps him in emotional ways. He hopes that his music does the same for other people going through similar situations. He hopes with his hard work and relatability to people, he can impact many people and change the world. 

The most important thing to Henny is expressing himself authentically. Signing to Knxwn sounds has allowed him to be himself and work effectively to create the sounds he wants to, to impact others. With “Lost Me” Henny Hermes brings a vibe that is meant for summer. You can hear in the lyrics what he was going through, how he coped with difficult times and what it taught him later on in life.

Be sure to follow Henny Hermes to keep up with his moves on IG here and stream “Lost Me” on Spotify below:

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