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NBA YoungBoy Found Not Guilty In Federal Gun Case

Kentrell Gaulden better known by his stage name, NBA YoungBoy was found not guilty on Friday, July 15th. The prosecution attempted to make a case only to be defeated by the defense. The defense pointed to the lack of fingerprints on the weapon that YoungBoy is accused of possessing.

FBI Failed To Find Finger Prints:

FBI Forensic Examiner Icel Kuznetsova who’s described as “an expert in the field of latent print examinations,” testified that she failed to find suitable prints from the magazines and cartridges from the FNX-45 pistol YB allegedly had on him. Kuznetsova also testified she never tested the gun itself.

YB claims he was unaware the gun was in the car when officers attempted to pull him over last March. The officers were tasked to arrest him on a warrant out of Louisiana tied to a different weapons possession case.

“There’s no evidence based on any of your analysis that shows that Mr. Gaulden touched those particular items at all, is that correct?” defense lawyer Andrew Flier asked, to which Kuznetsova replied: “I did not develop any prints on these items.”

NBA YoungBoy Faces Charges In Louisiana:

NBA YoungBoy has pleaded not guilty in both cases. Both cases allege he was a felon in possession of a firearm. YoungBoy is not legally allowed to have a firearm due to his 2017 conviction. However, NBA YoungBoy’s Louisiana case is scheduled to be tried next. The case claims YB possessed two guns when he was arrested alongside 16 other men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in September 2020.

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