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2022 XXL Freshman


Nardo Rick, Big30, Big Scarr, and KenTheMan’s 2022 XXL Freshman Cypher

Picture via XXL
Picture via XXL

The XXL Freshman Class of 2022 has arrived. You’ve seen their ABCs, heard them spit in their individual freestyles, and heard them respond to trolls for the ‘Mean Comments’ segment. The moment you’ve all been waiting has arrived. The 2022 XXL Freshman cypher. Nardo Wick from Jacksonville, FL, Big Scarr and Big30 from Memphis, TN, and KenTheMan from Houston, TX, take the mic to show off the skills that got them inducted into this year’s class.

Wheezy Outta Here:

Wheezy Outta Here, a Mississippi native, provides the soundtrack to this year’s Freshman slide. He has recently risen to prominence as the man behind the boards on trap-style anthems such as Lil Baby and Drake’s “Yes Indeed”, Young Thug and Gunna’s “Hot”, YSL’s “Ski,” and others. Over the “Pushin P” producer’s bass-heavy, hi-hat-laced score, the Freshman quartet deliver Southern-fried bars.

Nardo Wick:

Nardo Wick, this year’s youngest freshman, goes first, ifnighting his frestyle with explosiuve bars. “Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang/Big brother always tryna touch a n*gga brain,” the 20-year-old rapper raps. “Leave him neckless, he tries to reach for my chain/Izzy always tries to hit a fucking stain/Brush my teeth with Scope, but promise I got Aim.” Nardo then picks up the pace, displaying impress versatility.


Big30, who comes in behind Nardo, birings a lot of energy to the cypher. He never leyts up in his lengthy rap, whcih stays true to character buy emphsassing the rapper’s gangasta persona. “50 racks on me right now, and this Dior is made of silk. N*gga spin my blcok wrong, and somebody gets killed.” Big30 spits. “My young n*gga 15 with four bodies, can’t even buy a fifth/He ain’t even old enought to vote, that lil boy bangin’ Crip,” he adds, later calling out fellow Memphis rhymer and 2021 XXL Freshman Pooh Shiesty, who is currently incarcerated.

Big Scarr:

Big Scarr of 1017 delivers what may be the shortest cypher vers in Freshman histoy, with his mic drop moent clocking in at less thatn 10 bars. I’m in the eggshell coupe, this bitch here a hatchback/I don’t do the basic bitches, Hemi here a Scat Pacl. I don’t do no talkin, roll a n*gga in the outback,” Scarr rhymes. Out and in.


KenTheMan brings the show to a close. TheMan, who is performing for H-Town, is small in stature, but big on bars. He effortlessly transitions between flows on the perilous track. “ATL hopped off a plane and hit the stage with Kali, I’m P. I got some hoes that’s ducked off in the valley. Ask about me, I been 100, my card. Super valid, I drop a ho, I get another one like DJ Khaled”

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