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Meek Mill Signs with WME & Says New Music Is Coming

In the weeks following the rapper’s departure from Roc Nation, Meek Mill and his team have made big moves including inking a new deal with WME. It has been about a month since Meek Mill announced his split with Roc Nation. This week, Variety reports that WME agency will represent Meek as part of his Culture Currency initiative. Culture Currency has been said to have been “designed to expand Meek’s business while identifying and supporting his network of artists, athletes, and entertainers so that they can take better advantage of their influence on culture, and open up more opportunities for them within the entertainment, brand and business space.” Despite his intense business focus, Meek wants to find and develop the next generation of “cultural leaders.”

Meek Mill Speaks On Signing With WME

Meek Mill said the following about his partnership with WME:

“The partnership between WME and Culture Currency is a strategic hybrid structure that will bring resources and opportunities to entertainers. I have grown and learned the business in an unorthodox way that is effective through relationships built on talent and creativity. As an entertainer, I see us as part of the first generation that truly has influence and connections spread throughout social justice, music, sports, the movie industry, politics, business and the tech world. Taking advantage of this opportunity will allow us to give others the same chance to catch their dreams. Thank you WME for opening the door to build this bridge.”

Meek Mill discussed his music career and his upcoming album during a recent visit with CBS Mornings. There will be new music next month, he confirmed.

“I’ve been out the way just working on business. Turning my business models on the inside before I dive back in and really—” Meek Mill explained. “Traw Young, a lotta the guys, the twins, a lot of them been calling me for my music, and I’ve been giving it to them to practice to.” “I make that war-ready, dedication, dream-chasing music so September should be about the time.” 

Check out the CBS Mornings interview below:

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Tyler Lavigne
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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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