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Meek Mill Has Beef With Instagram: ‘Who We Pay To Turn Our Social Medias Back Up?’

Rapper Meek Mill has been having some serious problems with Instagram. The Philadelphia native is tired of feeling shadow banned by Instagram and took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with the social media app on August 15th.

“Who do we pay to turn our social medias back up because they turned our reach all the way down … I need a instagram rep or something asap,” Meek wrote in hopes of connecting with an Instagram employee.


The rapper then accused both Instagram and Twitter of controlling the amount of exposure that his posts get.

“Been on these apps 10 years 7 days a week … you can tell they being controlled,” he continued. “I could post 10 phones with different account won’t see my post until the next day what is that? And it’s on all my homies pages too?”

A New Era

Later in the week, Meek Mill plans to turn his focus back to music after a career re-boot, following his departure from Roc Nation Management.

Mill is ready for a new chapter in his career, preparing to release his first song of the year on August 18th. August 18th weighs heavy on Meek’s heart given that it serves as the anniversary of his father’s death

“10 tapes independently starting September … new music dropping AUGUST 18 the day my dad died is when I start wylinnnnnnn again,” he tweeted in July. “I’m not dropping albums on Friday either!”

Meek Mill has also signed a deal with WME where he’ll help the talent agency find the next generation of cultural leaders during the duration of the partnership between the two.

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