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Maybach Music Africa: Rick Ross's Next Project


Maybach Music Africa: Rick Ross’s Next Project

Rick Ross has made quite the name for himself through the Maybach Music Group imprint. The label houses Biggest Bawse, Meek Mill, and Wale. However, Rozay is looking to increase the reach of the brand. Next project for Rick Ross; Maybach Music Africa.

The last weekend the MMG boss went on a trip to Africa and felt the positive vibes emanating from Africa to the point that the decision was made to aid in a big way. In the beginning, he called out several African musicians because he believed that his peers were not doing enough to assist their siblings and brothers in the land of their birth.

“I just woke up here on Easter, and I just wanted to share love and just want to rep,” Ross told reporters while in the room of his hotel. “I believe there aren’t enough American artists shining the light on Africa and in support of African artists, and so what I decided to do was to awake and head out into downtown today. I’m going to go out into the slums. I’m going to go places the police wouldn’t even want to visit and show my love to the people around me.”

He continued, “I want to start by showing love to all who are part of my family. Everyone who’s been singing Rick Ross, MMG, Bel-Aire, Bumbu, McQueen, Villon, all the authentic brand ambassadors, I’d like to shout some of you out. Let’s begin at Hamisa, Valery Ayena, Stanley Enow, Blanche Bailly.”

Ross also slammed other African artists like Da Les, Yanga, Kwesta, Priddy Ugly, and other artists in a separate video. Ross then decided to announce that he would be accepting two artists from Africa for his group at MMG.

Rick Ross Inspired to Start Maybach Music Africa

“After being in Nigeria the other night, I saw so much talent and so many fly artists and dope performers that it’s official,” Ross stated. “Maybach Music Africa,” Rick Ross will be signing two artists. So you can be sure of it coming from the continent of Africa. So let’s keep in contact, and let’s create.

The Richer Than I Ever Been rapper kept his word and ventured out onto the streets in Angola to meet the residents who were delighted to have Ross at their side. He strolled through several houses while snapping pictures with the people around him and handing the hugs to people hoping at the emcee of the century.

Killer Mike, E-40, Jim Jones, The Rock, Kevin Hart, and many others have taken Ross to the comment section of his website to thank the boss for traveling to Angola and meeting the people. They also kicked off a small effort to help the poor with cash distribution.

Rick Ross Up-Coming Car Show

Rick Ross has some business to handle when he returns to the States. The month of May is when Rozay is hosting the first-ever annual car show. He is preparing big things for the event, especially since they’ve teamed up with a significant brand giving him a massive $100,000 to help promote the event.

“We just posted the flyer yesterday, and a huge brand already offered me six figures,” he stated in a video he posted in February. “They provided me with a $100 [K]in cash. It wasn’t a lot, but it was the idea. Instead of saying “Rick Ross 1st annual Car Show”, I’m not going too much into the name of the company; however, let’s say, for example, the name was Wingstop -It would read “Wingstop 1st Year annual [Car Show ].”

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