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Master P NBA Owner? Could Be Coming Soon


Master P NBA Owner? Could Be Coming Soon

Anyone who has followed Master P’s career knows his love for basketball. His passion for basketball has never waned from his time in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA). Also, his brief time as a player on the Charlotte Hornets training camp roster and Toronto Raptors. Will Master P be a NBA Owner soon?

Therefore, when the Los Angeles Lakers owners dismissed head coach Frank Vogel on April 11 after a disastrous season, it created the door open for someone else to assume the position – as well. Master P would love to take over the Owner role. On April 17th, TMZ stopped the No Limit Records founder and asked him if he’d like to fill in.

“This Hollywood, anything can happen out here,” he said. “I do not know the owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers] Jeannie Buss. She’s telling her to call me into interviews.”

The cameraman later informed Master P that Buss watches TMZ often and gave the cameraman the chance to present an on-camera pitch to the role: “Bring me in, I can help get us some Ws, championships.”

Master P Wants In with the Lakers

Master P also noted it is not often that players of the Lakers to not make the NBA playoffs, stating, “We ain’t even used to this. I’m a huge supporter of all the Lakers, starting with Magic Johnson to all the legendary players that have played there. Kobe Bryant. This is the most impressive thing we’ve seen before. .”

When P continued to make an argument for his job, P suggested he’d invite ex- Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal to become an assistant to his coach.

“I’ll bring some hell of assistant coaches with me,” he said. “Shaq, John Lucas. I’m not sure whether Shaq would like to do this; however, if he wants to, then we’ll be able to assume the role. I don’t know of another team with the one that has that.”

Be on the lookout for Master P becoming a NBA Owner or Head Coach.

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Jerry Morris
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Jerry Morris is an influential entrepreneur in the music and marketing space. With over 5 years of experience in the PR and music marketing world, Jerry has serviced over 20,000 clients in all aspects online.


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