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Manager of R Kelly Found Guilty of Gun Threat

R Kelly History

R Kelly’s 30 year sentence for sex trafficking and racketeering, among other charges is well known in media by now. Not only was he charged, but the judge also ruled that he must undergo treatment for sexual disorder. He was not allowed contact with minors. After the release of docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, information began to pour out into the general public despite the allegations and controversy against the R&B artist. R Kelly is not the only one facing legal heat now after his manager made some serious threats.

Manager Legally Charged

Naturally, R Kelly along with his team, was not too happy about the release of the series. The series had interviews with some victims and heavy details on the committed crimes. Now-former manager of R Kelly was so upset that he threatened to “shoot up the place” where the screening was set to happen. Due to that, he has been found guilty of threatening physical harm and is now facing five years in prison.

Donnell Russell, said manager, threatened the New York Theater NeueHouse Madison Square from his Chicago home, according to federal investigators. R Kelly’s victims and their families were meant to attend the private screening, however, were evacuated after the threat by Russell was made known to them.

Lara Pomerantz, Assistant US Attorney stated that “the call was short. The defendant was to the point. And he was terrifying.” She continued that “someone at the event had a gun and was going to shoot up the place. He wanted to keep these women quiet and he succeeded. His threat worked.” A complaint made prior was made evident that Russell first tried to halt the private screening by sending a false “cease and desist” letter to the New York theater and contacting law enforcement. 

In November, Russell will be sentenced for the threat.

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Jules Lozada
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