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Lil Tjay With “I’m Back” Billboard After Being Shot

Lil Tjay Puts Up “I am Back” Billboard in the Bronx

Lil Tjay was shot in New Jersey a few months ago and he has been laying low ever since. Some fans are concerned that he may never recover from the trauma and return to making music. A billboard in the Bronx yesterday hinted that he is preparing for the release of new music, saying “I am back.” Fans are now eagerly waiting to see what is next.

Tjay just posted his first video on Instagram since the near-fatal shooting, thanking fans for their support and letting them know how he is doing. He also said that he is doing better and is grateful to be alive. The shooting has been a tough experience for Tjay, but he is grateful to be alive and to have the support of his fans.

A Message to his Fans

Tjay started the post by saying, “Hey, what’s going on, y’all? It’s your boy Tjay, man.” “I’m just checking in with y’all. I just wanna say, thanks for the love, thanks for the support. I been looking at the DMs, the comments, and everything else, and I feel love. Seven shots, it was tough, you know? Most people don’t survive it, but I’m here. Here for a reason, and new music coming soon. We gonna come back stronger than ever. Love y’all,” Lil Tjay said to his fans while in a neckbrace.

See Lil Tjay’s Instagram Post below:

As was reported, the rapper came home earlier this month and has since posted a video on Instagram that corroborates those reports.

The man accused of shooting Lil Tjay last month was arrested by police and has been charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

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