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Lil Pump Aggressively Slams Russ For Canceling European Tour

In response to Russ canceling his European tour due to mental health issues, Lil Pump unleashed a brutal attack on him. He posted a statement on Instagram Sunday (August 28) explaining why he was taking a break and focusing on himself.

Russell expressed his regret for disappointing his European fans and said he would understand if people stopped supporting him. However, Lil Pump wasn’t interested. During Instagram Live, Russ was ridiculed for backing out by the Miami-Dade County native.

Lil Pump began by saying, “You think you got mental health issues? I’m from Dade county, bitch. I was born with mental health issues. How about you fucking deal with it and stop being a fucking pussy? And you know damn well who I’m talking to, boy. Your ass canceled just canceled the whole Europe tour, bitch. Stop fucking canceling shit, hop on that fucking plane and go do your shows you fucking pussy.”

Russ & Lil Pump Have Quite The Past

There is a contentious history between Russ and Lil Pump. It all started in 2017 when Russ’ anti-drug stance caused an argument. The following tweet was sent by Lil Pump after he and J Cole discussed their particular issues in 2018:

Lil Pump was essentially responsible for hip hop’s downfall, Russ told Joe Budden the following year. 

Russ said, “Basically, what’s happened is you’ve allowed 13-year-old white kids to tell the world what hip-hop culture is. That’s the problem. I’m done biting my tongue with the shit. There are people like the Lil Pumps, the Smokepurpps and just the people who are using the fact that hip-hop is the coolest thing to be doing right now. They’re using that as a marketing tool to be buffoons.”

During the past few months, Lil Pump has been relatively quiet on the music scene, while Russ appears on the album Cheat Codes, released by Black Thought and Danger Mouse on August 12. 

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Tyler Lavigne
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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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