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Lil Booke


Lil Booke Was Made for Music

Lil Booke, born Joseph Akuffo, is a talented independent artist who is based out of Bowie, Maryland. Lil Booke got his start with music in December 2020 when he made a song just for fun with one of his friends. Once they made the song his friends encouraged him to take music more seriously because he was extremely talented. This is when he decided to plunge fully into music and wiped his Instagram to begin posting his music for others to see. He quickly got positive feedback and decided this was what he wanted to do as a career. Since then, he has been dropping music consistently to keep growing his platform.

Lil Booke wants people to listen to his music and take away the message that he embeds into each song. Every song he creates has a deeper feeling placed in for the listener to catch onto, which makes it so unique. He is grateful for his music and explains his greatest achievement is being able to grow every day, work with people who inspire him, and make hits for everyone around him to enjoy. He has a song titled “Fade Me” coming out soon, as well as music videos in the making. Be on the lookout for more from Lil Booke coming soon and into the new year.

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