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Kodak Black Talks Relationship with Kendrick Lamar

Kodak Black and Kendrick Lamar: A Relationship Deeper than HipHop:

Several appearances by Kodak Black on Kendrick Lamar‘s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers puzzled some Hip Hop fans. Kodak’s contributions however made for powerful moments on the album. In a recently surfaced online clip, Kodak explained the bond he has with the California icon. Yak tells Speedy Morman “Me and Kendrick, we got a lot of little things in common people probably don’t understand,” 

See the clip on Twitter below:

Kodak Elaborates:

“Both of us, we Geminis, both of us are Hebrew Israelite,” Kodak added, stating that Lamar sees him beyond social media moments. “He got a different perception of me. He ain’t cap, when he say we gon’ do something, we do it. Kendrick from the streets for real, too! That boy, I got a lotta love for him.”

Trying to figure out what Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black talk about, Speedy wanted to know what kind of conversations they have. 

“He put me on game, he genuinely want to see a n*gga win, for sure. He could have just did the song and it never came out, but he went as far as having me speak on the intros, the interludes, and all this other stuff. Having me do a poem on there, he already know where my intellect go.” Apparently, Lamar told Kodak that he just wanted him to get in the booth and “talk your sh*t.”

“He trusted me and I appreciate him for trusting me.” Take a look at some clips from Kodak at Rolling Loud in Miami below.

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