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    King Tay will Take your Business to the Next Level

    King Tay

    Growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland, King Tay always knew he had the blood of an entrepreneur in his veins. His work ethic is unmatched by anyone else in the industry and once he got his opportunity, he never looked back. Today, King Tay is a promoter, who helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. King Tay started out in 2003 working with several different events and venues throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. Most notably King Tay excelled the businesses of Ocean Drive, Telvis, RiverSide Lounge, and Wheaton Lounge. In 2005, King Tay met his mentor Hollywood, who was a powerful mogul at the time running all of California. Hollywood has helped direct King Tay and continues to be a major impact in his life to this day. Over the past 2 decades, King Tay has continued to improve on his craft, making him the juggernaut he is today. 

    King Tay’s team consists of high-caliber marketing consultants and campaign designers who work with clients from multiple industries. They have experience in all facets of event development, sales, and marketing, including creative sales promotions, web savvy marketing plans and event coordination. Their main philosophy they live by is that marketing success is a result of setting practical application and a passionate commitment to the result. They possess the keen ability to help leverage and craft strategic relationships into sales strategies and marketing campaigns that will ultimately increase the exposure of the companies they work with. 

    In the future King Tay intends on becoming the biggest promoter in the world. He believes by focusing on his dream he will be able to expand his reach to the point where everyone will want to work with him. His results speak for themselves so if you or any other person you know wants to take their business to the next level, be sure to reach out to King Tay and he may just change your life. 

    Latest Posts


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