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Kayne West is Seeking Help from Behavioral Facility


Kayne West is Seeking Help from Behavioral Facility

Kayne West has spent a plethora of time in the public eye. Unfortunately, not always for the right reasons. Kayne West is most commonly known for his legendary musical career as a rapper and producer. He is recognized by most as one of the most influential musical superstars. When he dropped “College Dropout” in 2004, he proved Dr. Dre wasn’t the only producer that could rap. He has established his legacy within the music industry over the years.

Over the past few years, Kayne West has had some negative light shine on him. Mainly for his relationship with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and a few public mental breakdowns. Lately, Kayne has spent a significant amount of time commenting on Kim’s new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. Kayne is not too happy about being seen in the public eye since the divorce. He has made several digs at the two on social media. He even said, “God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidsons Ass.” His latest song with The Game is “Eazy.”

The majority of the public has begun to turn on Kayne since these incidents occurred. Kayne is starting to recognize his wrongs and wants to be a better man for himself, mainly for his four children.

Kayne West pulls out of Coachella

Recently, Kayne pulled out of Coachella, where he would’ve taken home $8.5 million, and the Grammys, where he won awards for Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. Speculation has begun to rise as to why, but rest assured, Kayne is only taking time off to improve himself.

A source close to Kayne told Page Six, “West’s team has been looking at treatment facilities for him,” and “he wants to enter a behavioral treatment center to be a better human and a better dad. However, Kanye hasn’t agreed to a particular place yet because he is worried about his privacy and wants the place to be in a beautiful setting with a luxury component.”

Rumor has it that Kayne explores his options in Arizona, Thailand, or Bali. It is only right he gets the privacy he deserves to improve himself as a human being. Kayne will be the man he has destined to become when he receives this treatment.

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