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Kanye and Kim


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Spotted At North’s B-Ball Game

Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce is proceeding, they seem to be on better terms. On Friday, June 17th, the ex-couple were spotted in Thousand Oaks, California, for their daughter North’s youth basketball game.

Although they weren’t sitting next to each other, they were sitting in front of one another throughout. TMZ reported them talking to each other and both doing their best not to make a scene when their eldest daughter North did something good in the game.

This was reminiscent of the sporting event in March they were seen together at, their eldest son’s Saints soccer game. Ye was in the middle of verbally attacking Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Kim Praises Kanye On Father’s Day

Despite their partnership and feelings for one another taking the course, Kim has always praised Kanye for his presence as a great father in their 4 kids’ lives. Praising him Sunday, June 19th for Father’s Day on her Instagram feed.

Kim wrote, “Thank you for being the best dad to our babies and loving them the way you do! Happy Father’s Day, Ye”.

Pete Davidson Taking On Stepdad Role

Although there are still tensions between Ye and Pete Davidson, they have both been able to manage their part and have shown to be stand-up individuals in the children’s lives. Earlier this month, with neither Kim nor Ye in sight, Davidson was spotted with North at The Cheesecake Factory. Pete is now playing the stepdad role.

Rapper, The Game, Shares An Experience He Had With Kim

On an unreleased track to his “Born To Rap” collective piece, The Game let go of a few hard-hitting lines. They were about having sex with Kardashian before becoming incredibly famous. Once Ye heard those lines, he requested The Game to chill out, which the rapper turned down at first.

“There was a few times where Ye called me after he heard me say some shit and was like, ‘Wassup'”? Game told Complex in an interview, “And I’m like, ‘Wassup, n-gga’? He like, ‘Come on, man.’ And I’m like, ‘Come on what?’ He like, ‘Kim’s mad about the line. Can you not do it anymore?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’

“And so I stopped for a while, but then I did it again, and he got a little pissed off at me. We didn’t speak for, like, six months – I’m not saying it was due to that — but I could hear the anger in his voice the second time. I felt he meant it, and I love him to death, so then I really axed the shit, and we’ve been smooth ever since.”

If it’s one thing for sure about Ye, it’s that he will ride for his, regardless of the situation.

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Tyler Lavigne is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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