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Kanye Talks about removing Jay-Z


Kanye Threatens to Remove Jay-Z from ‘Donda’

Behind the Scenes: The Making of ‘Donda’

A leaked mini-documentary has shed light on the tumultuous journey of Kanye West’s album, ‘Donda.’ The five-minute film provides an exclusive glimpse into Kanye’s unconventional creative process, showcasing his transformation of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium into a makeshift recording studio and delving into his emotional state during the project.

Kanye’s Unfiltered Creative Journey

The documentary unveils never-before-seen footage, capturing Kanye West’s reflections on his late mother, Donda West, as he visits his childhood home in Chicago. It showcases his studio sessions, where he tinkers with various songs, delivers impassioned speeches and prayers to his team, and collaborates with artists such as Pusha T, Playboi Carti, Fivio Foreign, Rick Rubin, and Mike Dean.

Threats and Tensions Surface

Among the most notable scenes in the documentary is a phone call where Kanye, inside a locker room, issues a stern warning. He threatens to remove anyone’s verse from the album, including Jay-Z’s, if they fail to attend his listening parties held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Chicago’s Soldier Field.

The camera captures Kanye’s declaration: “Everybody that’s not here, I’m taking their verses off… I’m taking Jay-Z’s verse, I’m taking… if there’s anybody not here on the porch with me, they’re not on this version.” He punctuates his statement with a laugh, acknowledging the unusual nature of such conversations.

Controversial Decisions and Disappointments

When ‘Donda’ finally hit streaming services in August 2021, Jay-Z’s verse on the track “Jail” remained intact. However, Kanye had initially played the Jay-Z version during his first two listening sessions but later replaced it with DaBaby’s verse during the third show. This decision not only disappointed fans but drew criticism due to DaBaby’s previous homophobic comments.

Pusha T and Kid Cudi also faced the chopping block as Kanye continuously revised the album during his three listening parties, straining their relationships with him in the process. Soulja Boy and Chris Brown publicly expressed their disappointment after being removed from ‘Donda,’ taking to social media to voice their grievances.

Kanye’s Response and Revelations

During an interview with Drink Champs, Kanye candidly addressed the removal of Soulja Boy’s feature from the album. When asked about Soulja’s scrapped verse, Kanye simply replied, “Nah,” prompting laughter in the room. The revelation offered a glimpse into Kanye’s uncompromising creative vision and standards.


The leaked documentary on the making of Kanye West’s album ‘Donda’ provides a captivating look into his creative process and the tensions that arose during its production. From threats to remove verses, including Jay-Z’s, to controversial decisions that disappointed collaborators, the behind-the-scenes journey of ‘Donda’ is a testament to Kanye’s unwavering commitment to his artistic vision. Stay tuned for more updates on the album and the insights it offers into Kanye West’s creative journey.

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