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Jonnyfenn Loves Bringing Inspiration Through His Music

Los Angeles, California-based talent Jonnyfenn is changing the industry day by day. He got his start in music as a child in his hometown of Torrington, Connecticut. Throughout his childhood he constantly had to move, going to 12 different schools. When he was in high school his father left and he has been estranged from him since he was 17. He also struggled with being homeless at 18 and working dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Through all of this struggle, Jonnyfenn had music to get him through it. He turned to writing and making music as an outlet for his emotions and this helped him feel less alone. Whenever he needed something to turn to, music was there for him.

Everything changed when he moved to LA:

Jonnyfenn moved to Los Angeles at 21 to surround himself with people who had the same type of connection to music as he did. He worked tirelessly to be taken seriously and surround himself with serious artists. Jonnyfenn has worked with many famous names. Including Joey Bada$$, Desiigner, Chxpo, Jim Jones, Dom Mclennon, Merlyn Wood, Kevin Abstract, Swoosh God, Curtis Williams,808 Mafia, Jimmy Wopo, Steven Moses, Maxo Kream, Leveon Bell, Lil Gnar, Germ, Suicide Boys, BrockHampton, and many more. He also has found success opening his own studios with partner Ian Francis. Studio locations are in California, Tennessee, New York City, and Connecticut.

Through all his success he has always stayed true to himself and his vision. Jonnyfenn wanted his music to reach fans on an emotional level and show them to never give up on themselves. He wants them to know that truly believing in yourself is one of the most important things in reaching your dreams. He also wants his fans to know he has struggled and made it out okay, so they can do the same. Not everyone is able to create music, so he wants people to see his music as their outlet.

Jonnyfenn releasing two new albums:

He is currently set up to release two albums titled ‘U.G.L.Y’ and ‘WOW’. These albums are very personal to Jonnyfenn as they have been many years in the making and tap into his true raw emotions. Both records are recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Jonnyfenn himself. He also was able to team up with many musicians, engineers, and producers in LA to get their input on his music as well as get some tips and tricks to help make his songs even better. Follow the journey of Jonnyfenn on Instagram and you can find his music on Spotify.

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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