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JOEY BADASS Defends Working on ‘2000’ with Chris Brown

Joey Bada$$ has defended his collaboration with Chris Brown on “Welcome Back,” a track from the Brooklyn rapper’s long-awaited new album, 2000, which was released on Friday (July 22).

In support of the new album, Joey hosted an AMA on Reddit on Monday (July 25), where he answered questions from fans on a variety of subjects.

One fan questioned Joey’s decision to work with Chris Brown, citing the singer’s troubled past, including an assault on ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, in a Lamborghini the night before the 2009 Grammy’s.

“Are you kidding me? Chris Brown is one of the most talented artists of all time.” Joey Bada$$ began. “It was an honor that he agreed to be a part of my album.”

“He is also a friend of mine,” he continued. I understand that you do not think he is perfect or cool because of things he has done in the past, but who among you is perfect?”

Joey then dismissed a fan who called the Chris Brown question “brave,” instead calling the person “close-minded.”

See the full conversation on Youtube here:

Joey Bada$$ wants to take a New Direction in Future Music

“I wanted to have fun with 2000 and not think too much. Flex up and talk my shit a little,” he replied to one fan. “I can definitely see myself visiting the [All AmeriKKKan Bada$$] more conceptually and socially aware, but a part of me also wants to touch on love and my experience with romantic relationships a bit more.”

“Something like a boom BAP and heartbreak album,” he added. I know my fans will be upset, but that is a path I have been wanting to take for a long time, whether you motherf*ckers like it or not.”

2000 is Joey’s first album since 2017’s All AmeriKKKan Bada$$. According to DJ Akademiks, the record is on track to sell 22,000 equivalent units. During the interview, Joey Bada$$ hinted that his next project would be more focused on his previous relationships and romance. Channeling his inner-Kanye West circa 2008’s electro-pop 808s & Heartbreak album will be the goal of a future project.

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Having managed hundreds of artists online, formed strategic partnerships with independent labels, and founded his own Music Collective, Midnight District, Marcus has naturally had his ears tuned to the music industry and will undoubtedly break more trending topics here at Hip Hop Today.

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