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JayDaYoungan’s Father Speaks On His Sons Passing

Kenyatta Scott, the father of hip-hop artist JayDaYoungan, interviews with TMZ, sharing more insight on the murder of his son.

Scott states that on the evening of Wednesday (July 27) a black truck pulled up to JayDaYoungan’s home in Bogalusa, LA. Three men started to open fire while he and his son attempted to escape by running inside. Before they could get inside the house, Scott said two more people came from the side of the house and shot him in the arm twice and also managed to fire 8 shots into his son. Scott admits he fired back in defense, but it wasn’t enough to save JayDaYoungan from being critically wounded.

His son was rushed to Our Lady of Angels Hospital, however, he unfortunately passed away.

JayDaYoungan’s Father Says: “There Will Be No Stone Left Unturned”

Scott is still hospitalized from the tragic event that ultimately resulted in his son’s death. He states that he feels JayDaYoungan was murdered out of jealousy. Scott has never known his son to have been affiliated with any gangs or even have any enemies. He fully believes his son died because he was famous and his son’s killers envied that fame.

Despite Scott’s testimony of his son, Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen states that detectives have been trying to connect gang affiliation and/or retaliation to motive of the murder. Even after hearing Scott’s side of the story, Police also only believe there was only one shooter involved in the murder of JayDaYoungan.

L.C. Jefferson, JayDaYoungan’s grandfather, shares his thoughts and feelings on the murder of his grandson during a short interview with local news station WDSU.

During the interview Jefferson stated “There will be no stone left unturned until we find out who took him. This is only what I hear. Someone came from behind the house with a ski mask on and gunned him down. In broad daylight, on a busy road. People have gotten so bold to where they think they can shoot someone down and not be caught.”

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Cory Campagna
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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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