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Jack Harlow Makes an Appearance on Hot97 in New York


Jack Harlow Makes an Appearance on Hot97 in New York

Picture via Twitter @ComplexMusic
Picture via Twitter @ComplexMusic

Jack Harlow makes an appearance on Hot97 in New York on Wednesday. He was stunned to fund out Ray J and Brandy are related. Jack was shocked after finding out that Ray J and Brandy are brother and sister. It was all caught on video.

On Wednesday morning, Jack was doing an interview on “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot97 in New York. Ebro got him to play a music guessing game, which sparked the conversation.

While playing the game, a Brandy song started playing in Jack’s headphones. Jack Harlow has no idea who is singing and takes a wild guess and says, “Aaliyah.” Ebro tells him that is incorrect. He gives Jack clues saying that the singer was a star in her own tv show.

Ebro’s first hint wasn’t enough, and Jack Harlow demanded more hints. Ebro started to give hints about Brandy’s brother Ray J, saying he has a very famous sex tape.

Still, after this hint, Jack Harlow has no idea. So Jack asks, “Who is Ray J’s sister?” So finally, they just hold him Brandy is Ray J’s sister.

Jack took it like a champ without knowing about the Ray J and Brandy family ties.

The interaction was perfect radio. Jack Harlow makes an appearance on Hot97 and you can check it out on their site.

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