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Jack Harlow Clears Security to Meet Young Fan at Kentucky Derby


Jack Harlow Clears Security to Meet Young Fan at Kentucky Derby

Jack Harlow is known to always give his fans the time of day. He does just that this past weekend. Jack Harlow clears security to meet a young fan at the Kentucky Derby.

This past weekend at the Kentucky Derby, the rapper cleared a path for a 10-year-old fan seeking a photo with him. Unfortunately, she was being blocked off by numerous security guards before Jack let her through.

Veronica, Jack Harlow’s fan, saw him down near the race track while he was getting ready to signal the jockey’s to their starting positions. Jack was honored to give the jockey’s the “riders up” call. Katy Mackin, the mother of Veronica, said her daughter was ecstatic to meet Harlow. This family also had a horse competing in the Kentucky Derby, Smile Happy.

Veronica knew it would be tough to grab a picture with Jack, but it was something she was determined to accomplish. Jack Harlow made this young fan’s day at the Kentucky Derby.

Lucky for Veronica, Jack is always looking for a meet and greet with his fans. So before she knew it, she hugged one of her idols and got his Snapchat.

Jack gave her the inspiration to keep following her dreams. They are both from the local area, and he told her that his success story can be repeated by Veronica.

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Clay Tucker
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Clay Tucker is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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