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Irv Gotti Explains Why He Won’t Hand Over Ashanti’s Masters

There are several takeaways that often go viral from each Drink Champs episode, but none have been as explosive as the appearance of Irv Gotti and Ja Rule. As the documentary is on its way, the friends discussed all things Murder Inc, and Ashanti was a hot topic during the conversation. We’ve been following Irv’s remarks and how they’ve impacted social media conversations, including Fat Joe’s response.

Despite years of friendship, Fat Joe called Gotti a “sucka”. Fat Joe and Irv are reportedly dealing with their fallout behind the scenes after Irv claimed Fat Joe was no longer his friend.

Irv Gotti Discusses The Ashanti’s Masters Situation

We’re continuing to share Irv’s Drink Champs revelations, and now we’re discussing Ashanti’s masters which caused division. A lack of control over the original music led the singer to re-record her debut album.

Irv said, “I feel I was always very good to my artists”. “Artists have a way of getting money. Rule makes a lotta money doing shows, Ashanti makes a lotta money doing shows. So, what’s left for the guy who was the record label who helped make the record? How I make money out of this, is the masters. So, how am I supposed to feel when you want to remove that aspect? You really basically saying you don’t want [my children] them to eat.” The question Noreaga asked was whether a compromise had been reached.

Irv Gotti responded saying, “Ain’t no f*cking compromise,” explaining that Ashanti asked for stems of her record, which he refused because he knew she would use them for re-recording. In addition to saying she would “jazz it up,” Irv also said he would have to clear the record if she changed anything on the cover. However, he add he has no plans to do that.

DJ Akademiks posted a clip of the interview on his Instagram. Check it out below:

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