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Gunplay Faces Potential Jail Time

Dun Play Records Dj Envy
Dun Play Records Dj Envy

Gunplay’s Leaked Phone Call Could Result in Serious Legal Consequences

Gunplay, the former Maybach Music artist, may have violated the law by leaking a private phone conversation he had with DJ Envy. This action could have significant repercussions, potentially resulting in Gunplay facing up to five years in prison. The controversy began when Gunplay demanded an apology from DJ Envy for involving his newborn daughter’s GoFundMe page in a feud with Rick Ross.

The Heated Exchange and Threats in the Leaked Phone Call

In the leaked phone call, Gunplay confronted DJ Envy, expressing his anger at being mentioned and demanding an apology. The conversation took an intense turn when Gunplay threatened Envy with violence, stating, “You know I’ll slap the shit out of you, boy!” Envy tried to clarify his intentions and apologize, explaining that he never intended to disrespect Gunplay or his daughter. However, Gunplay’s actions in leaking the call have further escalated the situation.

The Legal Ramifications and DJ Envy’s Response

Recording and publicizing a phone conversation without consent is against the law, as stated under Florida statute 934.03. DJ Envy highlighted this fact, emphasizing that secretly recording someone’s conversation is a third-degree felony offense in Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine. Envy expressed his disappointment with Gunplay’s decision to make the private conversation public and stressed the importance of handling disagreements like adults.

Gunplay’s leaked phone call with DJ Envy has not only intensified their feud but also raised potential legal consequences for the rapper. Stay updated on this ongoing controversy and the latest developments surrounding Gunplay’s leaked phone call on Discover the details of the heated exchange and threats made during the call, as well as DJ Envy’s response to the situation.

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