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Gunna Video Calls Godson From Jail

Gunna looks like he is indeed going to be spending the remainder of his 2022 year behind some prison bars. Think that’s enough to break this champ down? Guess again, buddy! Video surfaces on the internet of Gunna on a video call with his godson.

Talks With Godson:

Atlanta rapper Gunna, real name, “Sergio Kitchens” is all smiles on a video call from jail with his Godson. The visit then hit the social spaces Sunday, July 17th, which clearly depicts the rapper in surprisingly good spirits. Especially for a guy who’s in prison for at least the rest of this year.

“Shorty look like a real playa, though.” Joked Gunna rocking some fresh prison blues. The child bubbled up in a babble response full of smiles as he sat next to his mother in front of the laptop.

Monday, May 9th the day Gunna got indicted. RICO strikes once again, this time taking Gunna, alongside Young Thug with 26 others. They were part of a long-standing built-up case against their Young Slime Life YSL Collective. Prosecutors describe the collective as being an organized “criminal street gang” responsible for a string of violent crimes with armed robberies in Atlanta including murder.

This DS4Ever hit-making superstar has been indicted on one count of conspiracy to violate the act. Prosecutors suggest his allegiance to the YSL Collective through a series of Instagram photos and videos sporting YSL “criminal collective” inspired chains.

Twice denied bond with a Fulton County Judge. Concerns rang out about Gunna’s potential to both threaten as well as intimidate and tamper with witnesses if released ahead of his second bond hearing request which took place earlier in July.

Gunna Pleads His Innocence:

Penned from behind bars in this open letter from June. Gunna maintains his innocence and vowed to “never stop fighting to clear my name.”

“For now, I don’t have my freedom, but I am Innocent.” Also stated “I am being falsely accused and will never stop fighting to clear my name! The picture being painted of me is ugly and untrue. My fans know I love to celebrate life, I love my family, I love to travel, I love music, and I love my fans. I have all the faith that God will grant me justice for the purity in my heart, and the innocence of my actions.”

A trial for both Gunna and Young Thug has been set for January, 9th, 2023. Young Thug currently remains behind bars himself after he too was denied has also been denied bond.

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Cory Campagna
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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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