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Future Helps Kayne West With Writing Albums

Kanye West

Future Helps Kayne West With Writing Albums

Kanye West declared Future the “most influential artist of the past 10 years” in his raunchy interview to Drink Champs last year. It’s an honor Pluto does not sleep on. Considering that he was the executive producer of Kanye West’s Donda 2 album. Future helps Kayne West write his albums from time to time.

On the cover of the magazine’s May 2022 issue, GQ, Future was asked about his friendship with Kanye West. The relationship started when Ye took Hendrix across the Atlantic to Paris to begin work on his music around a decade ago.

“Kanye and I always had a relationship,” he declared. “But it’s difficult to get people to accept as I don’t share all my photos on Instagram. Kanye took me out to Paris in 2012 or 2011 to develop music. Discussed his clothing line when it appeared and his shoe business before it started. The public didn’t know that I was in his home and climbed up into his crib. We’ve never even talked about it.”

Future was later revealed that Kanye asked the rapper to write for “certain” albums. He says that he did not even get credit for but does not get him upset.

“When he said that, I understood why he called me to Paris. Even though I didn’t understand it at that time,” he added. “I knew the reason there were certain discussions to be had. I could see him as one of the people in. Also understood why he had me write songs on certain Kanye albums, which people don’t know I wrote.”

Future And Ye were on the same page on “I Won” off the Atlanta rapper’s album Honest. They both pledged their loyalty to their former partners, Ciara and Kim Kardashian.

Future Helps Kanye West Write Donda 2

Before Donda 2, the only Kanye West track Future is acknowledged to have co-written is the Life of Pablo’s “Facts.” Due to Ye interpolating Future and Drake’s “Jumpman” on the chorus. However, the song isn’t the only one. Future does not seem irritated with the lack of acknowledgment for his other writing contributions.

“Sometimes not getting credit when you write with him because the love of the art is…I want it to be right,” he added. “Top tier. It’s just being able to make and apply those textures to various music styles. Then being involved in something similar to that.

“And it was later on in the course of the most memorable moment. It was him speaking about what he had stated in the interview on Drink Champs. So it is the significance of the assertion. The worth of the relationship as it grows, the importance of treating people like they’re precious, rather than treating them like they have a dollar value on them each moment.”

The long-running collaboration between Future and Kanye West is scheduled to be back this month as they’ll reunite to record the Atlanta native’s new album due next Thursday, April 29. It will be interesting to see some projects as Future helps Kanye West.

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