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Floyd Mayweather Drops $18K On Grandsons Carseat

While a $350,000 factory sticker price on a new Rolls Royce may seem steep to some. Check out what Floyd Mayweather got his grandson. Yes an $18,000 carseat fully lined in mink.

Add special thanks to Mayweather’s car guy Obi Okeke, Aka Dr. Bugatti for this classic full-lined Mink carseat. Floyd reached out and requested the fur lined seat and Okeke arranged for the install into a new 2022 Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Peep the video of the fully installed custom Mink car seat right here as we can clearly see the upholstery matches the car’s interior perfectly.

Kentrell Jr:

Floyd wanted the seat to match the rest of the previously done interior. And guess what? It’s all freaking Mink people. Ask and you shall receive. Well, at least if ya name is “Money.” I mean dam a full Mink whip with custom interior to match with a baller ass seat for his Grandson. What more can you really ask for?

This Seat also features a classical highlighter yellow threaded inner stitch on the inside of the seat back reading “Kentrell Jr”. The name of Floyds Grandson. Daughter Yaya and father NBA YoungBoy are the parents of this lucky seat owner.

From the day he was born “Kentell Jr.” has been soaking up all the perks of being the Grandson of professional boxing Tycoon Floyd “Money” Mayweather. From special Mink seats in the whip, to enjoying many special little boy gifts from Grandpa. As Floyd seems to really be enjoying himself in the new role, even taking him along to the boxing gym.

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Cory Campagna
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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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