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Fat Joe Is Eager To Drop His New Book ‘The Book Of Jose’


Fat Joe Is Eager To Drop His New Book ‘The Book Of Jose’

Joseph Antonio Cartagena, better known as the infamous Fat Joe, has dominated the music industry for three decades. In fact, you probably recognize his name from his legendary tracks “Make It Rain,” “Lean Back,” and “What’s Luv,” which reigned the billboards for months at a time.

Fat Joe is world-renowned for being the best rapper to ever live. Because of this, he has unquestionably had a colossal impact on the music industry. He is a significant reason for advancing the technical style that we hear today.

In the past, he has kept his harsh upbringing in South Bronx, New York, sheltered from the public. Through his music, he has touched upon instances, but he has never pulled back the curtain. Today, Fat Joe announced on his Instagram that he would be dropping his memoir ‘The Book Of Jose’ on November 1st, 2022.

Journey of Fat Joe

Joe shared in a statement, “The Book of Jose’ is more than just a book about my career. It explores the darkest moments of my life — brushes with death, being locked up, losing friends, and dealing with depression — that shaped me as a man. I overcame significant adversity, but I’m excited to be in a position to share my story and inspire others through my journey,” 

Finally, through his journey in life, Fat Joe has been able to gather timeless wisdom. Joe elegantly display’s the life lessons he’s learned on his road to success. Joe wants this for his fans to implement in their own lives. Until now, he has touched so many lives through his music. But there is no telling the positive impact this book will have upon others. On November 1st, “The Book of Jose” will be released through Roc Lit 101, Rock Nations’ new publishing print. The book is available to pre-order now.

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