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Fake Drake Has Challenged Real Drake To Boxing Match

Fake Drake with a new challenge:

Fake Drake’s success in the entertainment industry has actually allowed him to make a living. From acting like a famous rapper to even performing his songs, the imposter has taken it to the next level. However, he now has a new challenge for the real Drake. Fake Drake’s challenge is a boxing match.

In a recent interview with the ‘We In Miami’ podcast, fake Drake (aka Izzy) mentions that he wants to take Drake on in a boxing match. Fake Drake proposed terms for the boxing match. The terms are an OVO deal if he wins or an end to the impersonation if he loses.

He said, “I’m challenging Drake to a boxing match,” and then mentioned, “I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. If you win, I’ll change my name from Izzy Drake just to Izzy, you know.”

Izzy also added, “If I win, I need a million dollars, and I need to be signed to OVO cause I’m just trying to feed my family.”

A video of Fake Drake’s remarks was posted to the No Jumper Instagram page. In which OVO Mark commented, “What a loser …. Get a life.”

Fake Drake making a living of this:

The imposter has been chasing the Toronto legend’s attention for a while now. He even personally called Drake on FaceTime to congratulate him on his new album.

Finally, with the help of social media and the public, Izzy has been able to make a career out of his antics. People are willing to pay him up to $5,000 just to show up at different locations.

Let’s wait and see Drake’s response to Fake Drake challenging him to a boxing match. Fake Drake knows how to get his name out to the people.

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Jeremiah Nazir
Written By

Jeremiah Nazir is a New Jersey-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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