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Dupre Kelly is First Platinum Hip Hop Artist To Become Councilman

DJ Kool Herc founded hip hop nearly 50 years ago in Bronx, New York. Hip Hop culture has since expanded to encompass music, fashion, art, and dance. For decades, hip hop culture has reshaped and influenced American culture, becoming the highest grossing music genre to date. Although Hip Hop has always been political. The election of Dupre “Doitall” Kelly of the platinum-selling Hip Hop group “Lords of the Underground”, it is now making even greater strides in politics.

Councilman Kelly:

Councilman Kelly believes that because Hip Hop has always been the voice of the people, his experience as a Hip Hop artist will allow him to represent the community of people who feel unseen and unheard. He was inaugurated in a ceremony in Newark on July 1, 2022. According to Councilman Kelly, “I had a conversation with Tupac Shakur about this day. I wish he could be here to see me this day. Over 25 years ago, he and I had a conversation in an Orlando hotel room. He said that ‘we shouldn’t move from our cities, dude’. He said, ‘we should come back and create nonprofits and create youth initiatives and youth programs’. We might also need to do some things that we may not want and that means running for office,” Kelly recalled.


Many celebrities have endorsed Councilman Kelly. Including Shaquille O’Neal, Redman, Queen Latifah, KRS One, Naughty by Nature, Damon Dash, and countless others from around the world. He will continue his entertainment career, having recently released his album ‘Brenda’s Son‘. Currently he is starring in the feature film, “Respect The Jux”, executive produced by Pusha T and also starring Tony Sirico, Vado, Ciera Payton, and Tobias Truvillion. Kelly attended Shaw University and was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated, the Screen Actors Guild, as well as the founder of 211 Community Impact.

Councilman Kelly’s Plan:

He promises to revitalize the West Ward. A plan that includes youth education and employment initiatives that young people find appealing. Councilman Kelly intends to use all city departments as well as outside resources to develop a strategy to improve and provide services. Kelly also intends to collaborate with residents, business owners, and community organizations. He wants to ensure that quality of life issue are addressed collaboratively.

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Marcus Swain
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Having managed hundreds of artists online, formed strategic partnerships with independent labels, and founded his own Music Collective, Midnight District, Marcus has naturally had his ears tuned to the music industry and will undoubtedly break more trending topics here at Hip Hop Today.


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