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Drake Gets His Mom’s Initials As A Face Tattoo

Drake’s New Face Tattoo

Drake has gotten many tattoos in the past, but just recently got the most apparent one out of them all. Dedicating this to his mother, Sandra Gale, he now has “SG” written under his left eye.

Tattoo artist NAL, based in Los Angeles, took it to Instagram to share himself working on Drizzy’s mother’s initials. On August 11th (Thursday), he shared a post to his page and captioned it, ”The boi @champagnepapi.”

Now the Toronto native his both his parents embedded on his body, as he already got a portrait of his father on his arm in 2014

Drake also shared an Instagram post sharing the new ink. He posted a close-up photo of the art and put his mother’s name with a heart emoji in the caption.

Drake’s Mother is Important to Him

The rapper has always mentioned his mother in lyrics throughout his musical career. He even named a song after her called ”Sandra’s Rose” which was on his Scorpion album.

Instagram Post Right Here

The Rapper’s Other Tattoos

After the fashion legend Virigil Abloh passed away, The OVO leader honored him by getting him tatted in December of 2021. Drake also has tattoos of other important figures in his life including his son Adonis, Aaliyah, producer Noah ”40” Shebib and Lil Wayne all on his back. These became known at his Barbados debut back in July 2020.

Drake also has members of The Beatles tatted in his forearm. He decided to get this ink after he broke the band’s record for the highest number of Billboard Hot 100 top 10 songs in a single calendar year. He even mentioned this accomplishment in his song ”Going Bad” with Meek Mill in 2018.

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Jeremiah Nazir
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Jeremiah Nazir is a New Jersey-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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