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Drake Featured on Harlow's Up-Coming Album


Drake Featured on Harlow’s Up-Coming Album

As Jack Harlow inches closer to releasing his sophomore album “Come Home, The Kids Miss You”, a song allegedly from the album appeared on the internet. The track is tentatively named “Have A Turn,” the leak began making headlines on April 13th and includes a long verse by Drake.

Drake appeared to be warming up before he began. The rapper continued, “Destined to winning, but you won’t receive a prize from me. I’m bound for the top spot, but you’re unable to gain a raise from me. Seven-fifty for the round canaries and they sparkle. Man you drop garbage, you litter. I’m overdelivering up to the point that it’s embarrassing. I’m referring to the PTSD it is triggering, and the gain is a snare.”

“The stones is shimmering, came from the north. But I got hot as fuck, so ain’t no shivering, yeah. Lucky me, people that don’t fuck with me. Are linkin’ up with people that don’t fuck with me to fuck with me. This shit is getting ugly. And every single situation is transactional. And everything they sayin’ is irrational, every way they movin’ is promotional. Everybody’s actin’ irreplaceable, it’s like they ain’t disposable. My urges for revenge are uncontrollable.”

Harlow’s Up-Coming Album Featuring Drake

Drake was trending on Twitter late on Wednesday. People were amazed by the contributions of the 6 Gods enough that they had no idea Jack Harlow was even on the track. However, as Drake’s verse ends, he reminds everybody that the Kentucky-bred rapper is an integral part of the song. Drake being featured on Harlow’s album is going to bring Harlow to the next level.

“Daytonas with the green faces,” he says. “Kentucky derby races, my presence in the spot is so abrasive/Boxxed up the Churchill downs, that’s motivation, yeah/And shorty like, ‘You know that boy Jack is goin’ places.'”

The month of March was when Drake and Jack Harlow were seen at Turks & Caicos, in which Drake, the Canadian rapper, handed the man $10,000 cash. According to footage from Akademiks, the artist, who is 35 years old, was on vacation when the young man came up to him. When people shouted “Oh my god” in the background, Drake gave the lucky recipient a huge hug following the gift of generosity. Be in the lookout for Drake to be featured on Harlow’s album.

In the case of Harlow, Come Home, The Kids Miss You is due to debut on May 6th.

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