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Drake Enjoys His Time with Nicki Minaj and Young Money

Drake and Nicki Minaj

They’re a Hip Hop dynamic duo that often steals attention on social media, especially when they link up for unforgettable moments. The two artists have been making waves in the industry with their unique style and sound. At the recent Young Money Reunion concert, Nicki Minaj and Drake came together on stage. This was a special event that also hosted Lil Wayne. However, Drizzy and Minaj didn’t just perform together.

They also came together on her Queen Radio show. Minaj has fans across the globe waiting with she has once again made sure that the Queen Radio episode is one that her fans will be speaking on for the rest of the year. On the first episode of Queen Radio. Minaj was joined by her Young Money friend, Drake. The both of them came together to talk about their careers. Drake also talked about his new album and why retirement isn’t in the plans anytime soon.

Drake`s Future

According to the source, Drake said, “I’m not at that point where I even consider that [to be] an option.” He continued by saying the following about his career, “One of the best feelings I have in my life is completing a song or project. And by the way, those things are painful as well. A lot of nerves, a lot of confidence wavering, but I feel like I’m reaching a new level of fun. I’ve reached a new level of comfortability where I want to try things. Like, this last album, I put out something I wanted to do to challenge myself.”

OVO mogul expressed happiness about being able to perform with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj again. According to Drizzy, they reminded him of how far apart the artists and collectives from Hip Hop and R&B groups are. Drake said, “My soul was warm at the end. I felt genuinely so much gratification, you know? Really sentimental. I was just so happy to see my people.”

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