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Drake and Joel Embiid Talk Some Trash


Drake and Joel Embiid Talk Some Trash

Drake was yelling at Joel Embiid from his courtside seat at the Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday (April 20). But, his actions did come back to be a source of pain for him.

The Toronto Raptors hosted the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 3 of their first-round playoff game within the Eastern Conference. Joel Embiid ended the first quarter with only five points. Drake used the opportunity to criticize Embiid by referring to his issues playing in Scotiabank Arena. Scotiabank Arena.

However, Drake was poised to experience surprise. Joel Embiid went off in the second quarter and overtime, putting 28 points and clinching the game with a three-pointer. After all the rants Drake delivered, Embiid wasn’t ready to go home without a final remark.

Drake and Joel Emiid Have Their Fun

“That’s what you call a fucking superstar,” Embiid declared. “Get your body up. I’m going to sweep you too. Be there. There’s no way you’re going to be there.”

Drake responded, “Okay. I’ll be there. What are you talking about?”

Back in 2019, in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, Kawhi Leonard called the series with an incredible semifinal buzzer-beater, which led to the Toronto Raptors taking home their first NBA Championship.

Embiid was even scoreless during the game in November in Toronto despite averaging 23.0 points during the season. Drake was also in attendance and ridiculed Embiid by sarcastically clapping his hands and shouting “MVP” in his direction. Drake and Joel Embiid have a long history of going at one another.

However, Embiid broke this curse, making a three with 0.8 seconds remaining on the clock. This gave the 76ers a series lead of 3-0.

“Honestly, I haven’t really thought about what happened three years ago,” Embiid said to USA Today.” Obviously, the shot makes me feel great about what transpired; however, during this whole period, I’ve never considered going to the court and trying to exact my revenge. I’m more concerned about winning this whole thing. One game at a time and do what is needed to achieve that.”

Joel Embiid finished the night with 33 points with 13 rebounds, two assists, and one block. Game 4 is Saturday (April 23) at 2 p.m. at the Scotiabank Arena.

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