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DJ Khaled Explains Crazy Bryson Tiller ”Wild Thoughts” Story

DJ Khaled & The Bryson Tiller Feature

DJ Khaled recounts almost breaking into Bryson Tiller’s home to get a verse for the now his song “Wild Thoughts.” The track also had a feature from Beyonce and he says how much that particular track was very impactful for the entire album. Khaled also expressed his emotions for Beyonce’s feature, “RiRi jumped on it—thank god. Dream come true.”

Khaled said on Drink Champs, “Riri loved the record. We got a hit. I’ll never forget, Riri changed the pitch of the record. She changed the pitch to make it her [own]. When you’re a great artist you make records your own. And she’s an icon, she’s a great artist, so she she put her passion to it and pitched the record up, which was genius.”

Bryson Tiller on “Wild Thoughts”

Khaled also explained that at the time Bryson Tiller had been taking his time to send his feature back on the track. As the release date got closer, Khaled said he was getting nervous and he took matters into his own hands. He said, “I’m calling Bryson, my album come out in like in two weeks. Yo bro, I need you need to cut the vocals over. You know that Rihanna’s vocals is in, you hear that, right? Everybody’s excited.’”

He recounted that Bryson was not picking up his phone despite the urgency, “He’s not picking up his phone. … I need this done. I got fuckin’ Rihanna vocals. The biggest record of my—one of my biggest records in my career. He not picking up the phone.”

“He has a gate. I’m flashing my lights, honking my horns, sending texts. Nobody’s replying,” he said. “You think I’m playing with this shit? One thing about me, anybody know me I don’t play no games. … Eventually, shout out to Rich the Barber, he comes outside, Bryson comes out, they open the gate—I was already climbing the gate. You think I’m playing? Ask them. Call them. … Get their version, it might be more intense,” Khaled continued.

DJ Khaled’s interview comes in great timing as his 13th studio album, God Did, is set to be released on Friday, August 26th.

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