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Dj Khaled, Drake & Lil Baby Drop ‘Staying Alive’ Music Video

The “Staying Alive” Music Video

DJ Khaled has finally dropped the anticipated single with Drake and Lil Baby called ”Staying Alive.” The visuals to the track have a creative twist to them.

The music video, directed by RT!, takes place in a Hospital by the name of “Khaled Khaled”. All three musical legends play medical professional roles. Lil Baby is smoking a blunt as a surgeon, Drake is smoking hookah in the hospital hallway, and Dr. Khaled emphasized his catchphrases among the rest of the crowd.

The song mimics Bee Gees’ single from 1977, ”Stayin’ Alive.” Drake raps, ”How she in love and she been over once? It’s not like I known her for months. This life allowed me to take what I want. It’s not like I know what I want. It’s not like I know what I need. I get some time, but it’s no guarantees.”

On the second verse, the Atlanta native adds, “I put my feelings aside, you want me to die? But baby, I’m stayin’ alive. ’Posed to be one of a kind, you puttin’ no miles, I thought you was down for the ride.”

Check out the official Staying Alive music video below:

DJ Khaled Praises Drake Over New Song

DJ Khaled praised Drake, calling him a ”genius,” for the hook he wrote on the new banger. The multi-award winning producer said, “When Drake wrote that hook… there’s a reason why certain people are called genius. This is when you understand that word, it’s called genius level.”

Drake’s Past Collaborations

This new song continues Drake and Khaled’s long going collaborative efforts. With past hits such as ”Popstar,” ”No New Friends,” and ”Fed Up,” these two have left a huge mark on the music industry over the past fifteen years. Drake has also worked on several hit singles with Lil Baby in the past such as “Wants and Needs” and ”Never Recover”

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Jeremiah Nazir
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Jeremiah Nazir is a New Jersey-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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