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British DJ Host Tim Westwood Gets Accused


DJ Host Tim Westwood Gets Accused

A veteran British DJ and Radio host Tim Westwood was most well-known for his role on BBC Radio. However, he was most famous as a Hip Hop DJ for almost 20 years. He then resigned in 2013. He has been accused of numerous instances of sexual assault.

Many ladies have made public statements to accuse the 64-year-old of utilizing their position within the music industry to profit from them, as reported in a joint inquiry by The Guardian and BBC.

Three women accused Westwood of “opportunistic and predatory sexual behavior”. In what they believe were discussions about potential possibilities in the music industry. Another four women claimed that he touched them while getting a photo taken with him following the nightclub performance.

The victims are Black and were in their late teens. Some were even early into their 20s when the incident allegedly occurred. In addition, the allegations cover Westwood’s lengthy and high-profile career. The first incident happened in 1992, while the most recent one was in 2017.

Westwood, the radio show host, which is currently broadcast through Capital XTRA in the UK, has firmly denied all accusations. “Any suggestion that he acts, or has acted, in the way described would be false and seriously defamatory,” his lawyers stated.

The Victims Speak Out

One victim, a budding musician/singer was 19 when the incident occurred. She claimed that a 53-year-old Westwood stripped off his pants and came out while sitting with her in a vehicle in the year 2010. When they got into his apartment, the victim claims he got completely naked. He then put on a condom, and then began sexual relations with her. During the sex, the woman appeared to be “frozen.”

Another victim claims Westwood (who was in his mid-30s) performed oral sex on her without her consent. She was only 17. “He could make or break your career,” she said. “Within the recording industry and the Black community, he had absolute power despite him being a white man.”

The victims aren’t known to one another as none disclosed their experiences to the police. However, allegations of inappropriate conduct by Westwood were made public in June of this year. Finally, the women were compelled to come forward. They were previously afraid that their tales were dismissed because they were young at the time and also due to the fact that they were Black.

The accusations against the DJ Host Tim Westwood, have focused on a brand new BBC documentary titled Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power, which will air on Tuesday (April 26).

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