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Diddy sues Diageo


Diddy Sues Diageo for Racist Neglect of His Tequila Brand | HipHopToday

Diddy sues Diageo, Diddy’s alcohol LLC, Combs Wine and Spirits, has recently filed a lawsuit against Diageo, a UK-based alcoholic beverage company. The lawsuit alleges racial discrimination and neglect towards Diddy’s tequila brand, DeLeon.

Partnership Gone Wrong

Diddy claims that after his successful collaboration with Diageo on promoting Ciroc vodka, they decided to venture into DeLeon Tequila together. However, Diddy alleges that Diageo has since abandoned their partnership, causing hindered growth and financial losses for his brand. Why Diddy plans to sue Diageo.

Allegations of Neglect and Racism

Diddy asserts that Diageo has consistently failed to market and invest adequately in DeLeon Tequila. He believes that the neglect shown towards his brand is rooted in racial bias. Diddy claims that Diageo prioritizes its other tequila brands, such as Don Julio and Casamigos, while neglecting DeLeon. This is the reason why Diddy sues Diageo.

Impact on Sales and Market Availability

According to Diddy, DeLeon Tequila has frequently faced stock shortages across major markets, including California and New York. These stock shortages have significantly affected sales and distribution, raising suspicions of deliberate mistreatment due to racial biases.

Fighting for Equal Treatment and Seeking Justice Diddy sues Diageo

Diddy’s legal team is not only fighting for equal treatment but also seeking justice and damages in response to Diageo’s alleged misconduct. They argue that Diageo’s unfair categorization of Ciroc and DeLeon as “Black brands” solely targeting “urban” consumers has significantly hindered the growth potential of these brands. Diddy is determined to obtain equal treatment for his tequila line and hold Diageo accountable for their failure to fulfill contractual obligations and provide the necessary support. In addition to the ongoing lawsuit, Diddy intends to pursue a separate legal action, seeking billions in damages as a consequence of Diageo’s actions.

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