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Despite Team Denial, Drake Confirms Run-In With Swedish Authorities

There had been many rumors overloading the social media all last week in regards to rap star Drake being arrested by Swedish police on possession of Marijuana charges. His team quickly hit all that noise with a solid stream of cold fizzy water stating that “Drake is at a hotel room and has not been arrested.”

Drake and Swedish Authorities:

It has surfaced that there in fact has been some form of a run-in between the rapper and Swedish authorities. However the details at this point are a bit hazy. Drake took to the social space Sunday, July, 17th publishing a series of Instagram posts including a bucket of photos along with a picture of a document from the Swedish National Police Board.

Swedish National Police Board:

This Document Titled, “Information For Those Suspected Of A Crime And Subsequently Detained.” The is similar to a Miranda Rights statement used here in the States which suggests that Drake had only been detained but never arrested for any crime.

Drake’s rights are stated. “Know what you are being suspected of and why you are being denied.” “Receive the aid of a defense attorney who in certain conditions can only be paid by the stare.” Lastly, it says, “receive food and rest as needed,” and “receive the assistance of an interpreter during interrogations as needed.”

Rapper Trouble In Sweden:

What a way to add a bit of an alleged legal bang to an all-exclusive night of partying the only way that this rap icon knows how to get down. It is not currently clear as to whether this rapper will have to return to Sweden to attend any court hearings or not. As to A$AP Rockys 2019 run-in with the Swedish Police that one ended a bit differently. A$AP was jailed for a period of weeks as well as found guilty on assault but was not required to serve any additional jail time post-release.

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Cory Campagna
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Cory Campagna is a Senior-Writer out of the Midwest for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.


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