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Demetri Releases New Single “Ride”

Music was Demetri’s first love as a child, and he has been making music ever since. He inherited his musical talent from his entire family, all gifted artists. Among his family members, his mother, grandmother, and uncles are talented singers, and his father is an MC who was well known in Detroit. Recording himself in college in 2019 marked the beginning of his professional journey. He works closely with Bdub, the producer who helped engineer his upcoming single “Ride.” Through Bdub, Demetri has found his sound and crafted something that shows his true self to his fans. His musical inspiration includes gospel artists such as Fred Hammond, The Winans, J Moss, and Deitrick Haddon, as well as R&B artists such as 112, kc & Jojo, Donnel Jones, Tyrese, and Tank.

Demetri’s Rise

Throughout his life, Demetri has overcome many challenges, including homelessness, poverty, and raising nine younger siblings. He has used these struggles to create relatable music for a broad audience. It’s important to him to be an artist that people can listen to and relate to on a deeper level than just struggles with love. As a result of his own experience, he creates music that has a more profound impact on people. In addition to his deep love for God, he makes music based on real life to capture his audience spiritually and physically. Fans anticipate his upcoming “Ride” single about navigating a relationship’s ups and downs. Throughout the interview, he talks about finding out if someone will ride with you through thick and thin. Follow his Instagram for updates, and check out his Spotify for all his music!

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Matt Kolesar
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Matt Kolesar is a Miami-based Senior Staff Writer for Hip Hop Today covering Hip-Hop news, business, and culture.

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